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Design & UI/UX experts

We are a design driven agency with an in-depth understanding and vast experience in creating aesthetically strong, intuitive and highly useable interfaces for websites and applications. Design isn’t just about how something looks; it’s about how it feels, how it guides and engages the user through your content and drives everything we do.

Copywriting & Content

Content is the most exciting part of your website. It is the reason people come. It tells them who you are, why they are here and then drives them to act. Your website should not be a scaffold that we squeeze your content into. The content should drive the way the site is built.

Web Development

All of our websites are built 'future friendly' and adhering to web standards. It is company practice to stay abreast of the latest developments and adopt best practises as standard, from responsive designs that will render optimally on any device (from mobile to desktop) through to SEO optimisations.


Our application services come in many forms from Facebook to iOS and Android to web. We have a wide range of experience in creating successful applications and provide a full service approach creating concepts that will work for your target audience and achieve you objectives, through to implementation.

Strategy & Planning

The Digital world is multi-faceted, exciting and complex. 13 years of industry experience has helped us develop an intuitive and holistic approach to digital marketing allowing us to create comprehensive digital strategies that all aspects of your web presence and drive them to achieving real world objectives.

Client Service

Gravitate is unique in its ability to offer clients a full circle service from the ground floor with in-house design, development and technical support, to strategy/campaign development, project management and digital consultation. We are comfortable wearing many suits, whether that means working independently with you or in conjunction with your marketing agency.

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